Coffee. Creativity. Community.


Our Story

We are Colin and James Stanton, brothers from Enfield, North London. Colin was an Electrician and James an Art Director. We had both being working in our industries for over a decade but in 2016 decided to pursue a joint venture into the coffee industry - an industry we had no prior knowledge of - we were just two brothers with a shared passion for, and a long history with, coffee. 

For years, we had toyed with the idea of opening and running a coffee shop of our own. Taking our most favoured aspects of other coffee cultures and adding our own special twist to it. 

In 2016 an opportunity presented itself, a vacant shop on a small parade, local to us became available and we saw this as the perfect chance to start our journey as coffee shop owners so we grabbed it.

We spent almost 9 months stripping the shop to an almost empty shell. Balancing a tight budget, full time work commitments and James’ young family, we took it upon ourselves to carry out most of the renovation. 

Colin put his electrical and manual skills to good use with the refurbishment work whilst James called on his design skills for the interior design and the branding. 

Watch all our ‘pre-opening’ vlogs on youtube

Three years on and we are still trading, have taken on additional staff members and have made mark in our Borough as a spot for quality coffee, creativity and a hub for the community.