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Tanzania, Shiwanda

Notes: Hazelnut and cocoa. Full bodied with a wonderful toffee-butterscotch aftertaste.

Origin: Tanzania

Location: Mbozi, Mbeya

Process: Fully Washed

Variety: Bourbon

Altitude: 1600 Masl


Shiwanda Estate has a long history in Mbozi, Mbeya – 290 acres, deep in the corner of Southwest Tanzania. In order to ensure soil fertility, Shiwanda Estate uses organic compost and manure and engages in a host of other good agricultural processes that seek to organically maintain the soil at optimal fertility.

The farm’s washing station is impressive by any standards: it is also one of the most impressively equipped and maintained in the region. During the harvest, coffee is selectively hand-picked by a team of local pickers (many of whom return to work on the farm annually) and delivered to the washing station within 8 hours of harvest. High standards of processing & drying assure a top quality coffee.

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