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Next event: Beans, Rhymes & Life #4 | OCT 13, 3pm-6pm

Beans, Rhymes & Life was born when regular customer and local lyricist Benny Diction realised that we had a mutual appreciation of the boom bap.

Chatting to Benny over many cups of coffee we spoke about starting an event at Stantons, as there is little in the way of rap and spoken word-oriented events in the area, let alone daytime events.

Having been a veteran supporter and performer of both the rap and spoken word scenes, Benny realised there was a shortage of events that explored both art forms and celebrated their commonalities. The aim of Beans, Rhymes & Life  is to do just that, as well as their links with other musical genres, comedy, storytelling and the visual arts.

The name Beans, Rhymes & Life is in part a homage to pioneering hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest and their fourth album Beats, Rhymes & Life, but also a nod to the other element that makes it unique from other events: the quality of the high-grade coffee that we offer at Stantons.

If you like warming beverages, good vibes and expert wordsmithery, we have all bases covered. We offer a space where you can appreciate and absorb orators and vocalists in an intimate setting, as well as a non-judgmental platform for people to ‘test’ their work and develop their performance skills in our open mic.

We will also regularly share performances on the Stantons YouTube

If you are interested in performing, please email our host at