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Artist Interview: Rūta Skriptaitė

Stantons Coffee

We talk to Lithuanian born and London Based artist Rūta about her energetic exhibtion ‘A Red & Blue Soul in the City of Magical Cats’


Rūta, can you tell us about your journey into art?

My love for painting and writing was born when I was a high school student. When I was 12 years old my arts teacher complimented the technique of this one portrait which I painted with gouache using my fingers. That art lesson gave me self-confidence as prior to it I did not see myself as someone who can paint or draw. In my later teens I discovered my love for poetry. Again, thanks to my Lithuanian language and literature teacher who always encouraged my creativity. Art was always a part of my life ever since.


How would your friends describe you?

This question was a tough one. In fact, I might as well do a little research and ask a couple of my friends to describe me in three words. Let’s see what happens :)

And so:

Friend 1: Hmmm… Shall I say something sophisticated-ish? A deep thinker, resistant to the environment, brave.

Rūta: It doesn’t have to be sophisticated haha.

Friend 1: Well then, a pessimist. Don’t mention pessimist though.


Friend 2: Caring/giving, non-judgmental and hot (Thank you Friend2!)

Rūta: It’s four words.

Friend 2: Sorry.. I meant to add: “free-minded-rules-are-just-guidelines-person” (Thank you! Feeling so validated!)

Rūta. Thank you! :)


Friend 3: Haha Ok: weird, depressed, loyal, stubborn, “mental’ (Friend3?!). Sorry haha. To me those are positive traits.

Rūta: LOL. Cool! :)


Your current exhibition mixes painting and poetry. Which comes first when you begin a piece?

Paintings. Perhaps because I feel safer and more comfortable in expressing my thoughts and feeling on a canvas rather than in words. The poems were written as an alternative to the descriptions of my paintings but they also tell a story of their own.


Do you write your poetry in your native tongue (Lithuanian) and then translate into English or do you write in English from the beginning?

All my recent poetry was written in English only (including the poems for the exhibition).

We love the textures, colours and raw emotion we feel from ‘The Seasons of Red & Blue Soul Cold Sea’. Can you talk a bit about what this one means to you?

Thank you thank you :). “Cold Sea” belongs to the series “The Season of a Red and Blue Soul”. As you can guess from its title it tells a story about a cold season where one surrenders and accepts life’s ‘chilly weathers’. However, despite not being a season of emotional highs or sunny weathers, it is a season of value for the space of reflection it provides.


What is your studio setup like?

Small and slightly chaotic

If you come up against a creative block what steps do you take to get inspired?

I would focus on something other than art until the inspiration comes back naturally. I try not to force myself to create as I do not want it to feel like a chore.

If you could sit down with anyone in the world for a coffee who would it be and what would you ask them?

Vladimir Putin. “Have you ever played “Sandstorm” on a piano?”

Do you have a favourite quote or motto that you’d like to share?

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” Oscar Wilde

What’s the worst piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

I am not sure if that counts as an advice but when I was a student at high school our economics teacher used to repeat her ‘mantra’ “our wishes are limitless but chances are limited”. It really clashed with the mindset which was being encouraged at my home.

Photo by:  Rytis Maziliauskas  

Photo by: Rytis Maziliauskas 

What can we expect from you in 2018? And where can people keep up to date with your latest works?

I am working on a couple of new abstracts. The easiest way to find out about my latest artworks is to follow me on social media, where I am very easy to find. As far as I know I am the only Rūta Skriptaitė in the world.

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Finally, how do you prefer to take your coffee?

I prefer when my coffee is a hot chocolate. A non-dairy hot chocolate.


Rūta Skriptaitė is exhibiting at Stantons Coffee House throughout April 2018. Entry is free.